A new day, a new dawn: Crypto DeFi

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I set this blog up a couple of years ago and since an initial flurry of activity it has been neglected. I look back at what I’ve posted so far and the bits I like are the honest opinion pieces discussing why I’m doing it. The bits I don’t like were me trying to build towards some affiliate marketing income. It wasn’t, for the most part, providing a huge amount of value. That is likely why I lost interest.

In the background I’ve continued my journey towards FIRE and my numbers have continued to grow. I’ll be doing the monthly updates going forward so you can see where I’m up to shortly. In the last few months I’ve become heavily involved in the cryptocurrency DeFI community and I’ve decided to pivot in that direction. I’m even considering trying YouTube out!

My plans for the site are to focus on:

  • How To’s to help beginners in this area
  • A living glossary key terminology
  • Reviews of projects and communities
  • Regular updates on my progress
  • Frameworks, although importantly not financial advice, for getting to $x per month
  • Access to ROI/Tracking spreadsheets
  • Online calculators to check ROI quickly

I hope you enjoy the ride!

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